Alexis Santos

Creative Technology Consultant at Dangerously Creative, Producer of Shoot The Moon. Formerly, Engadget Contributing Editor and Head of Content for Binpress. Writer, podcaster, developer. New College of Florida alum. Loves entrepreneurship, technology, archaeology, and anthropology.


Alexis has a face for radio! Wait, no, that's not right. Voice! A voice for radio! That's what he has. And he wields it for podcasting. Need a podcast produced or maybe a co-host? Drop Alexis a line.

Binpress Podcast

In a content marketing effort for Binpress, Alexis interviewed people who've built their own businesses using creative skills -- whether coding, design, photography, or otherwise. The podcast was designed to help people learn from experience and provide insight into the process of making a living by freelancing or selling their own products.

Guests included Mark Shuttleworth, Dries Buytaert, Solomon Hykes, Jordan Weisman, Brett Terpstra, Andi Gutmans, Mitchell Hashimoto, John O'Nolan, and many others.

40 Episodes, 2014 - 2015
  • "...listening to Alexis is so engaging and delightful, and the personalities and stories of the people he has interviewed are so real, so authentic, so insightful, that I'm finding myself once again inspired by software engineering. ... I get uplifted and inspired by every single podcast thus far and hope there's lots more coming. Excellent, excellent job." - Derek Carlson
  • "Amazing podcast interview with David Helgason, co-founder of Unity." - Deepforge Studios
  • "An inspiring, interesting and very honest podcast with @mitchellh by @alexissantos" - Gergely Hodicska, VP of Engineering at Ustream
  • "Another super interesting podcast with @mperham on (monetizing) open source. via @Binpress" - Mathias Lafeldt
Geek Improvement Podcast

The Geek Improvement podcast helped listeners find and keep track of the things they geek out about, new finds and old favorites alike. And, on occasion, it featured interviews with authors, directors, and more.

42 Episodes, 2012 - 2014