Alexis Santos

Creative Technology Consultant at Dangerously Creative, Producer of Shoot The Moon. Formerly, Engadget Contributing Editor and Head of Content for Binpress. Writer, podcaster, developer. New College of Florida alum. Loves entrepreneurship, technology, archaeology, and anthropology.


Alexis Santos - Writing

For two years, Alexis penned everything from daily news stories to features for Engadget, AOL and Verizon's flagship consumer electronics publication. He covered domestic and international trade shows, reviewed products, and interviewed consumer electronics industry professionals. Heck, he even hosted and field-produced videos for Engadget, too.

Alexis also crafted content to help Binpress' clients navigate the waters of selling software.

Below are a few samples of his work.

Inside NASA's Launch Control Center
While this feature story ran on Engadget's website, it was originally published on the site's digital magazine, Distro. Click here to see a PDF version of its spread.
Inside UPS' Worldport: How a shipping titan moves 2,000 packages every 17 seconds
Alexis went inside UPS' largest sorting hub to see how the shipping behemoth copes during its busiest time of year: the Christmas season.
A Guide to Launching Indie Games, Part Three: Getting Press
Building a following is the basis for a successful launch, but combining it with good press coverage can multiply the size of a game’s audience overnight.